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Total Quality Management (TQM): A Need of Industry for Quality Product

We are using various products in our day to day life for different purposes. Most of the products of same category are manufactured by various industries. Such products are differed from each other by its quality parameters. Among these products only quality products are reached to top sale because most of the customers focuses on the quality as per their needs. Total quality management (TQM) makes it easier to keep a product's overall quality at a high level. To integrate the quality discipline into the organization's culture and activities, it uses strategy, data and effective communications. An organization can achieve long-term success by having all of its members, from entry-level staff to top executives, focus on improving the quality and, as a result, producing customer happiness. This is the foundation of the management concept known as Total Quality Management (TQM). In short, we can say that TQM is a philosophy and a set of guiding principles that form the basis of a company that strives for continuous improvement. TQM is now familiar worldwide and is being adopted by many industries to give quality product to customers. The objective of this article is to give a detailed view on the concept of quality, concept of total quality management and its implementation, TQM tools, quality risk management and historical development of TQM means total quality management philosophies.

Quality, Total Quality Management, TQM, Quality Tools, TQM Philosophies

Amol Sampat Deshmukh, Pravin Rangnath Dighe, Suvarna Jagannath Shelke. (2023). Total Quality Management (TQM): A Need of Industry for Quality Product. International Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry, 9(2), 21-27.

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