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Protection of Vine from Winter Stress with the Use of Silicate

The basic limiting factor of cultivation of grapes in the south of Russia it is low temperatures of the winter season that demands covering. The search for effective ways to protect grapes and fruit crops from winter stress is relevant for world science and production. The increasing of marginal winter temperature for vine which is bound by that on a grape vine the microporous film protecting from sharp temperature drops was formed is received. Capillary electrophoresis was used for determination of mobile forms ions and carbonhydrates in the vine of Chardonay and Moldova to establish the influence of the applied protection on these indicators. Visual studies carried out microscopy allowed us to establish the formation of a porous microfilm on the surface of the vine. In experiments a grape vine treated an aqueous emulsion of the silicate-carbonate preparation consisting of two components – liquid and a powder. The characteristic of a protective structure: is nontoxic, is non-combustible, inodorous. Testing of a physiological state of a grape vine has shown the following: the total concentration of carbohydrates in intercellular sap reached 20-70 g/kg of a grape vine, without treatment – 17-44 g/kg. The porous film in field conditions of a vineyard conserved mechanical stability about 3 months. The protecting film was destroyed in the spring, a natural path at the beginning sap flow in the plants.

Vineyard, Frost, Polymeric Film, Treatment, Capillary Electrophoresis

Svetlana Lepeshkina, Uri Yakuba. (2023). Protection of Vine from Winter Stress with the Use of Silicate. International Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry, 9(3), 28-31.

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